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 Lost hero

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PostSubject: Lost hero   Lost hero Icon_minitimeFri May 02, 2008 4:52 am

Every one know that there's a hero lies in his heart but what will
happen if that hero die ; you will know nothing to do with your
self but waiting; Wait to live…..wait to die…..you will just have to
wait ; wait for what will happen whatever it will be.

When you keep looking for that hero & you just realize that he isn't
in life anymore.

When you feel that you're refused by all people around you & even
your self.

When you failed to love your self so how you will be able to love
any one else.

When you realize that every thing you do is wrong & have nothing but

When all your dreams turn to night mares.

When you hope just to cry but even these tears wouldn't come to you.

When you feel that you're lost even between your family & your

When you feel lonely even if you were with the whole world.

When these careless whispers are not heard except by you & no one
else but your self.

When you have no one to think of or care about.

When you feel that hope has gone & your presence is the same as your

When you find that talking to your self is doesn't work any more.

When you find that this wound won't seems to heel & its pain is just
too real & it hurts just too much that you can not even race.

When you come to this cutting edge in which the life after is
nothing but a big lie.

When you try to listen to you're heart & it doesn't lead you to any
where but to this dead end.

But if you ever wonder what people mean when say about scratch
& "let's start from a scratch" I think this will be the scratch &
you have to start right from the beginning, keep chasing this small
beam of light appear from the pain grave you found your self on it &
try to bring that hero back to life because you need a second chance
& I think all of us just need this chance.

Lost hero Lovebeattp5
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Lost hero
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